ESTA Form steps

The steps of the ESTA Form are very simple and require great precision so that the United States authorities can grant the visa exemption (ESTA) to travel to the country legally and with the documentation fully in order.
Before granting any ESTA certificate, the US authorities compare the data provided to them with different databases from around the world to verify the veracity of all the information provided by the person who wants to travel to the United States, so you have to Be totally honest to avoid ESTA visa denial in any way.
You have to have all the necessary data ready to make the ESTA application without any incident or delay in the process. The necessary data can be found in more detail in our Request ESTA section.


ESTA Form step by step

You have to have your trip to the United States fully planned, whether it is a stay of less than 90 days or a stopover to make a stopover to another country. The reasons why you can enter the country with an ESTA visa are tourist reasons, business meeting, specific training or transit. When submitting your ESTA application, you must have the trip closed with the stay to show that you intend to go and return in a shorter period than the established period.

Have all your identity documents in order, since you have to provide them when filling out your ESTA application. If you fill in the data on your ESTA Form with documents that are about to expire or that expire before traveling to the United States, you will have to request another ESTA Certificate because your data will not match completely.

Fill in the form with all the information that the US authorities need. The more precision there is in your answers, the greater the possibility that you will be granted an ESTA visa more quickly. You can check all the data of the ESTA form by entering it.

Add as many members of your family or companions as you need. At the end of filling in your data, you can add new information again to make the process simpler. In this way, you can make a single payment for the management.

Finish the process by contributing the amount necessary for the management process. The possibility of doing it in a single payment will be easier and more direct.

All the data you provide will be provided to the United States authorities to process your ESTA Certificate. We as a company do not make any use of the data in any other way. Your data will be completely confidential and we will not deal with it with third parties.
If you have any questions about the process, you can contact us to solve all the questions you have about it. We are here to help you and make your process as simple and fast as possible.