ESTA Application

The ESTA application is a form that is submitted to the US authorities to grant permission to enter the country with a visa waiver. This form is complemented with your personal, work and travel information, as well as with a series of questions to verify the intention of the person traveling to the United States to stay.

This ESTA certificate is granted to people with nationality from countries that have an agreement with the United States to enter the country with an ESTA visa, that is, a conventional visa exemption.

This certificate grants the opportunity to enter the country for a period of less than 90 days for tourist, academic or work reasons for a company that does not operate in the United States (convention, business meeting, etc.) Even if your arrival in the country is for make a stopover on your trip, you must present this certificate anyway if your entry to the country is by air or sea.

The completion of the ESTA Form data must be as sincere and complete as possible for the US authorities to grant this ESTA certificate. Any erroneous data or that does not correspond to those that are verified in the world databases, will be grounds for the rejection of the request. Filling in the data correctly and honestly is the best option you have when filling in your ESTA Form. Any information that is not filled in with total sincerity may be a reason for total rejection without the possibility of reapplying for your ESTA certificate or making any type of claim in this regard.

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