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To request the ESTA Certificate, the United States authorities require different information that they need to corroborate your identity and to be able to contrast them. The authorities contrast everything you contribute with different databases around the world to certify that the applicant may be suitable to apply for the visa exemption (ESTA) and be able to enter the country.
It is useless to try to avoid giving a piece of information or trying to lie, since the ESTA Certificate is a relatively simple process for the applicant but it is not easily granted. If you think you may have a problem with your application, it is preferable that you start the data to request a Visa and not an ESTA Certificate.

Therefore, and in order for you to make a much faster request, we recommend that you have these different data prepared to facilitate the process of completing the ESTA Form:

Your personal data

This includes your ID and passport. These must be in force on the date you request your ESTA Certificate and remain valid when you travel to the United States. If one of the two expires between the application and your trip, you will have to reapply for your ESTA Certificate or you will not be able to enter the country.

Social networks

You must provide a link in your application. This information will speed up the approval of your certificate since the US authorities will be able to check if you have any kind of connection with terrorist groups or malicious intentions against the country, so you should be aware of what you have published.

Employment data

If you work, are self-employed or have worked at some point, you must provide the data during your application. One of the conditions for issuing the ESTA Certificate is not to travel to the country with the intention of working for a US company, since the permit is different.

Dual nationality

If you have or have had another nationality, you must provide data such as how long you had it, if you keep it and if you had another name

CBP Global Entry

If you are enrolled in this program, you must provide your 9-digit membership number (PASSID).

Your stay in the US

You have to provide details of your arrival, your return date and the place where you are going to stay at least the first night (provide the name and address of the hotel) or if you are going to spend the stay it is the home of a private individual .

All the data you provide will be provided to the United States authorities to process your ESTA Certificate.

We as a company do not make any use of the data in any other way.

Your data will be completely confidential and we will not deal with it with third parties.

Apply for ESTA