Ten tips for traveling to New York

Tips for traveling to New York

In this new ESTA VISA USA post we are going to give you ten tips when traveling to New York independently. We will see how to get flight tickets at a good price, how to take full advantage of the trip, how to obtain travel insurance, where to stay and how to get the best tourist visits. We want you to fully enjoy the trip.

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1- Buy tickets to New York at a good price.

To begin with, if you want to get the best flight deals to New York, you will have to be patient and know how to search the best flight search engines such as: Skyscanner.es, edreams.es, atralo.com, etc … You should always try to search out of high season.

2-Obtain an ESTA visa for the United States.

It is essential to obtain official documentation when traveling to New York, otherwise you will not be able to enter the country. Depending on various factors such as nationality, occupation, criminal record, etc … you will have more or less difficulties in obtaining your ESTA visa.

In ESTA VISA USA we can obtain the necessary documentation so that you can make the trip of your dreams to New York.

The procedure can be done entirely online. 

3-Obtain travel insurance.

As you well know, health care in the United States is private, so it is necessary that you travel with travel insurance that can cover the mishaps that may occur in the United States if the case arises.

When you obtain the insurance, it is necessary that they inform you about how to carry out the procedures and how to contact the insurance company.

4-Stay in New York

When it comes to staying in New York you will find many places, but many of them will be quite expensive, so it is essential that you look for the necessary information when traveling to the United States, since it is better to invest some time looking for hotels or perhaps tourist accommodations like Airbnb to get the best prices before traveling to New York.

Using price comparators such as Booking.com is very useful when traveling to New York

5-How can I get around New York?

New York has one of the best subway systems in the world, so we believe it is the best option to get around safely and economically. The weekly rate for the New York subway is around $ 33. It is also possible to use prepaid cards, which you recharge and spend depending on how much you travel.

6-Passes to see New York

New York has always been a very touristy city, so there are many passes to visit New York. When we are going to travel to the United States we have to try to make the most of the amount of money and time that we are going to invest in visiting the different cities, so in New York we can obtain passes such as the City Pass, New York pass, Sightseeing pass or Explorer pass.

If you want to see all of New York and its different neighborhoods and surrounding areas, it is best to obtain a New York Pass, this card goes for days so it will be much more profitable.

Other types of cards work depending on the attractions you want to visit, such as the sightseeing flex pass, city pass or explore pass. With these cards you can choose the number of attractions for which you want to pay.

7-Musicals, sporting events and entertainment.

Going to New York and not watching a musical or an NBA game is like going to a restaurant for dinner and asking for a glass of water. So we advise you first of all to look for the best ticket prices in advance, so you can get the best deals.

8- Why not go shopping in New York?

In New York you can find a lot of brand clothes with significant discounts. Since we are going to travel to the United States, why not take the opportunity to go shopping and have a good time. There are two large outlets in New York: Jersey Gardens and Woodbury Common.

9-Prepaid SIM cards.

Our recommendation when traveling to the United States is that you buy a prepaid SIM card to have internet and make calls there. If you are going to continue using your SIM card, it is important that you contact your telephone company so that they can inform you about the different rates that you can use in the United States so that calls and the use of mobile data do not go out of hand. Of the face.

10-Currency exchange to go to New York.

On many occasions this is one of the most common problems. Banks charge a lot of commissions when paying in different currencies using your credit card. There are online currency exchange companies that can send money directly to your home.

If, on the other hand, you do not want to carry a lot of cash, you can always choose credit cards that are honest with the commissions that are charged when paying with different currencies.


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