Route 66, one of the best known routes in the entire United States

Almost one hundred years of history and 4,000 kilometers away, have made Route 66 one of the most desired destinations when traveling to the United States.

Traveling Route 66, from coast to coast, is an adventure and a look back in time if you are willing to live the experience. Although you can no longer travel the original route from beginning to end, it does retain much of its original essence. Route 66 allows you to enjoy the United States to discover small towns and wonderful landscapes; its people and its classic elements (motels and roadside cafes) that have been frozen in time.

Route 66, route and curiosities

Route 66, which begins in Chicago, more specifically between Jackson Boulevard and Michigan Avenue, and ends at the famous Santa Monica pier (California) where there is a sign that indicates the famous name. The origin of the name of Route 66 was by necessity, on the part of its creator Cyrus Avery, to identify it with a round number, he needed something easy to remember and that was not already assigned to an interstate highway.

Route 66 was the first to be paved in the entire country, although it took them 12 years to complete it, until 1938 a trace of dust was still left in some of its sections. The route, through the Arizona desert, served as an exodus during the Great Depression for Oklahoma farmers, who went to California in search of their fortune.

Years later it became a tourist route for Los Angeles-bound visitors who stopped at “The Grand Canyon”. From route 66, a train route that travels through the interior of the Grand Canyon begins, it is the “Grand Canyon Railway“, it is a great alternative to stay a few days in the area before continuing to travel along the route.

The trip lasts approximately 2 weeks. You have to go with a well-prepared vehicle to carry out the stages of the trip and have everything planned. We leave you with a pinch of the essentials of Route 66, but believe us that there is much more to see!

The 50s on Route 66, some of its obligatory stops

Cadillac Ranch on Route 66: It was built at the foot of Route 66 by a group of hippie art, passing through Amarillo, Texas, we find “Cadillac Ranch“. It is not a ranch itself, it is a work of art created by the Ant Farm group in collaboration with billionaire Stanley Marsh; artist and businessman. A tribute to the evolution of the cult of the Cadillac.

Selingman: The town of Seligman accurately recreates the American 50s, from the huge Cadillacs to the old Pick-ups. It is almost a mandatory stop for those who pass through Route 66.

The Mr D’z restaurant in Kingman: also set in the 1950s, here you can taste spicy chicken wings and sandwiches in the purest Arizona style and, in addition, their spectacular ice cream shakes. Undoubtedly one of the most special establishments of all those on the route.

The motels on Route 66: You have to sleep from motel to motel so as not to miss any of the essence of this emblematic route. Two of the most prominent are “The Blue Swallow Motel” in New Mexico, with fourteen rooms set in the 50s and the Rancho Hotel where the great Hollywood stars have been.



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