Travel to the United States from Europe

Traveling to the United States from Europe was a totally daily fact for the citizens of the old continent. With the arrival of the global health crisis, free movement between countries has been totally reduced to totally justified movements, reducing the mobility of people as much as possible to avoid the spread of the virus.

During the first months of the crisis, traveling to the United States from Europe was an especially difficult task given that flights were totally limited to an extremely small number, making getting a seat on a commercial flight was an almost impossible challenge.

If you got a ticket and you were lucky that your flight was not canceled at the last minute, you had to wait to find out if the permitted capacity conditions were met to try to safeguard the health of customers.

Finally, you were already able to get to the country and pass the airport controls to get to a hotel to do a lockdown period of 14 days so as not to develop symptoms compatible with the disease and to be able to show that you were healthy.

Thanks to scientific advances that have made it possible to accelerate the rate of vaccination and enter a much more advanced phase (with the complete schedule in the country close to 50%), commercial flights are more common, but a series of conditions must be met to be able to enter the country.

Conditions for traveling to the United States from Europe

In order to travel to the United States from Europe, the United States authorities have included a series of mandatory health conditions that certify a favorable state of health to be able to enter the country.

The ways to certify it are through these methods:

  1. Have the complete vaccination schedule certified: central governments are issuing the so-called Covid Passports in order to transmit to the recipient countries that that person has the complete vaccination schedule, so they will not transmit the virus.
  2. Present a negative PCR with a maximum period of 3 days upon arrival in the country: although this cannot be assured that during the following 3 days you have been with someone who is suspected of suffering from the disease days later, the recommendation It is doing the PCR, waiting at home without having contact with anyone other than the family nucleus, trying to minimize contact to avoid the risk and traveling to the airport once a negative result is obtained, reinforced by the behavior of social isolation to ensure health. < / li>
  3. To be in possession of a medical certificate that proves that the disease has passed in the 90 days prior to arrival in the country: when testing positive for the disease and receiving medical discharge in the marked period and not reporting symptoms, the GP can certify that the person has passed the disease in a period of time less than 90 days, so it is considered that they are in possession of antibodies that will help not to transmit the disease.

The countries that have these travel limitations are:

China, Iran, countries adhering to the Schengen Area agreement in Europe (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Vatican City, Denmark, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland), United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), Republic of Ireland and Brazil.

Meeting one of these three conditions will allow you to certify that you are a person who will not spread the virus, however, these are not the only conditions for traveling to the United States from Europe.

What do I need to travel to the United States from Europe?

You must have a valid passport both when you enter and when you leave and, as a company recommendation, take out medical insurance, and more with the current situation to be able to have a possible complication insured, since access to health entails a high cash outlay.

On the other hand, applying for the ESTA Visa is essential to allow you to enter the country. If your stay in the country is for tourist, school or business reasons for a company for which you work based outside the United States, you can apply for the visa exemption and apply for the ESTA Visa.

Requesting the ESTA certificate will not take more than a few minutes and it is valid for 2 years, although You have not yet booked your stay in the country, so it is preferable not to wait until the last moment since the confirmation delay can be extended in time given the current situation.

Request your ESTA certificate in a simple way and plan your trip to the United States as soon as possible.


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