Traveling with the time change in the United States

It can be an arduous journey if we do not plan the time change well and how it can affect us. There are long trips, like this one, where the time change can take its toll.

Each country has its own time zone and in some cases, up to several. And if this is not enough, there are countries that advance / delay their clocks in spring and autumn unlike Spain. Here are some tips so that this time change does not make you miss too much of your trip.

Be proactive, check everything before traveling to the United States

Before even planning your trip to the United States, it is not a bad idea to take into account time changes and local times. If you get ahead of fatigue and jetlag, it’s never a bad idea. When we get there, we can get really tired from the plane, with bad timing for sleeping and resting, and even miss part of our planned itinerary if we are in a great hurry upon arrival.

It does not hurt to think about a few hours of rest or even acclimatize, before going on this trip, the schedules to those there, even the restaurants close very early for dinner time (22:00 maximum).

The United States has up to 6 different hour zones: Two of them belong to Hawaii and Alaska, while the rest of the territory has 4 time zones. Depending on which coast we travel to, our flight may arrive “a little earlier or a little later” by the hour in the United States.

If you travel to the East, experts advise that you gradually get used to the schedule: go to sleep an hour earlier and wake up an hour earlier gradually. If you travel to the West, the process is the opposite: go to sleep later and wake up an hour later. In this way you get used to the body.

How they are governed by time in the United States

This is already a little more depending on the cultural issues of the region or city. Each part of the United States has a different rhythm, a different lifestyle than other regions. In such a large country, it is nothing strange.

There are airports and stations with public transport service and a 24-hour restaurant service. But you should check that the airports or smaller stations or in places where it is not customary to give service after certain hours, give you that possibility. Being stranded overnight in a semi-desert airport or having to pay for a taxi that we did not have planned in our budget is never pleasant.

We also have to take into account the check-in and check-out of the hotels where we stay and the hours of the hotel business in the area where we are going to be.

United States time zones

The time difference in the United States has to be an aspect that cannot be ignored. In this sense, we must take into account not only the time difference with our own country, but the time difference between its own states, since the country is so extremely extensive that the hours are not identical in all states. In some it can even become confusing as we move from one area of the United States to another.

In the United States you can find different time zones given the extension of the east (6 time zones in total). The 6 time zones in the United States are as follows (next to each one the time difference with respect to Spain is indicated):

  • Hawaii: -11h

  • Alaska: -10h

  • Pacific: -9h

  • Mountain: -8h

  • Central: -7h

  • Eastern: -6h


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