United States accelerates the rate of vaccination

Hopes for vaccination


Vaccination in the United States

The approval of Janssen’s vaccine gives hope to reach his vaccination by the end of July.

The United States has begun mass vaccination of its population. And he has done so thanks to the fact that he just approved the Janssen vaccine. This vaccine is single-dose and can be kept in a common refrigerator during distribution and administration. It has a shelf life of two years as long as it is refrigerated.

This vaccine will be approved in Europe, in principle, on March 11, so there are high hopes of reviving international tourism in a short time.

As it is possible to keep them for two years, the possibility arises that the doses can be stored for revaccination and once again allow free circulation.



Optimistic outlook

As of today, 8% of the US population has managed to receive the required two doses of the Astrazeneca, Moderna, and Pfizer vaccines. Accelerating the vaccination rate is already a possible fact due to this single dose.

If the forecasts of the new president Joe Biden are fulfilled, the United States could get herd immunity in the middle of summer. This would make it easier for tourism to reach the country.

Today, when applying for your ESTA Visa, one of the questions that must be answered is whether you have any type of diagnosed infectious disease. This issue is really serious for the US authorities. It is very likely that one of the new variables that begin to apply from the United States is that you can present a document proving that you have been vaccinated or that you do not have an active infection.


How does vaccination in the United States benefit tourism?

Having a vaccination passport, as it is being studied, will be an ideal safe-conduct to reactivate tourism. Although the immunization data does not reach 100%, the efficacy of the vaccines is always close to 90%. So it is a great percentage to generate group barrier.

The studies continue week by week to know more precisely the effectiveness of the vaccines. International travel is getting closer and closer with increasing frequency.

Having a vaccination in the United States that is higher than in Europe for the summer is going to generate hope in travelers. They are going to see that the restrictions are relaxed in the new continent. This could be a great claim to travel and have the feeling that normalcy is going to be restored in the near future.

The United States is a country fully prepared for the arrival of travelers and the presentation of an ESTA Visa upon arrival in the country is the best proof of this. Tight border control is the ideal way to stop the virus and ensure that tourism is reactivated safely.

We are close to being able to live with the virus in the same way as with the flu (which was lost in fear decades ago), so enjoying good news will make it possible for the world and leisure to move forward.


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